Case Results

Buder v. Consumer Insurance USA

Plaintiff awarded $575,000.00 at arbitration for injuries he sustained in a motor vehicle accident. The at-fault driver had inadequate insurance so our client had to file a claim against his own insurance company. His insurance company paid the award, but claims remain pending for “bad faith” handling of our client’s insurance claim by his insurance company. This proceeding is further noteworthy because our client’s prior attorney tried to get the client to accept a settlement of less than Twenty Thousand Dollars ($20,000.00) before our law firm got involved.

Schupmann v. State Farm

The Arbitration Panel awarded One Hundred Sixty-Five Thousand Dollar ($165,000.00) due to a back injury suffered in South Carolina. Our client was insured by State Farm Insurance and was rear-ended by an uninsured motorist. State Farm refused to pay its insured anything beyond a few small medical bills. We presented our case to an arbitration panel and they ruled in our favor.

Miller v. Crone

Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($500,000.00) settlement for a young man who fell from a ladder later requiring back surgery. Unfortunately, our client did not see a doctor for his injury for more than a year after falling off of the ladder. This made it very difficult to prove the back surgery was related to the fall from the ladder.

Gnojewski v. American Standard Insurance Co.

One Million Eight Hundred Thousand Dollar ($1,800,000.00) settlement of a bad faith claim against an insurance company’s improper handling of the defense of a motorist driver who was sued by us after an automobile accident.

Doe v. Family Services Visiting Nurses Association

Seventy-Two (72) women who were given gynecological and breast exams by an individual claiming to be a licensed physician’s assistant. He was not licensed and was unqualified to perform exams.

Clark v. Owens-Brockway Glass Container, Inc.

Defendant fired its employee claiming she faked a work-related injury. Jury awarded One Hundred Sixty-Four Thousand Dollars ($164,000.00) in damages. In addition, we won her workman’s compensation claim. The employer appealed the jury’s verdict and we prevailed in the appellate court.

Clark v. ITW Food Equipment Group, LLC, et al.

With our help, the client established his employer’s meat grinding machine was defective because it was operational with the safety guard removed. He suffered a partial finger amputation. Confidential settlement with manufacturer.

Bertolino v. Elm Transit Co., et al.

Illinois Department of Transportation employee operating a snow plow when struck by a tractor trailer. After two (2) years of no diagnosis, plaintiff underwent surgery for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Defendant used lengthy delay in diagnosis to dispute the accident was the cause of the injury. Nevertheless, the trucking company paid a significant amount to settle the claim.

Shoemaker v. Southern Illinois Motor Express, et al.

Motorist side-swiped by passing tractor-trailer resulting in delayed onset of pneumothorax (collapsed lung). Trucking company used the several day delay of the collapsed lung deny their vehicle was the cause of the injury. Case settled prior to trial.

Rittenhouse v. Scotch Corporation, et al.

Settlement recovered for a toddler when her torso and legs were severely burned by a common drain cleaner containing sulfuric acid. The manufacturer of the drain cleaner blamed the child’s mother for allowing the child to come into contact with their dangerous product. We negotiated a structured settlement that provides periodic lifetime payments for the child.

Skinner v. Harrison

Medical malpractice case against a doctor who perforated our client’s colon during a screening colonoscopy. It is not malpractice to rupture a colon during a colonoscopy. Unfortunately, this doctor had good reason to know he had made a hole in the colon, but did nothing to repair it. Ms. Skinner became septic and died after she left the hospital.

Buffo v. General Casualty Company

Combined recovery exceeding $1,000,000.00 for a motorist injured in the course of his employment resulting in a Workers Compensation award and an uninsured motorist settlement with his employer’s automobile insurer.

Grant v. Barwig Pizza, Inc.

Three Hundred Seventy-Five Thousand Dollars ($375,000.00) settlement on behalf of a minor who struck his head on the floor of a Domino’s Pizza franchise caused by “horseplay” of the store employees.

Putnam v. York International, et al.

Confidential settlement with a furnace manufacturer and propane gas distributor for the defective and improperly maintained propane furnace resulting in carbon monoxide poisoning. A father and child died. His wife and one child survived.

Arth v. Olroyd, et al.

Medical malpractice claim against a podiatrist and hospital when surgery was performed on the wrong foot. Settlement with podiatrist and hospital that employed the nursing staff.

Cruthis v. Hardbeck

Medical malpractice claim against a gynecologist. Knee injury sustained while our client was under general anesthesia for gynecological surgery. Since our client was under general anesthesia she couldn’t say how her injury occurred. Doctor and hospital staff denied injury to plaintiff’s knee occurred while she was in surgery. The hospital and surgeon settled before trial because our team was able to prove there was no other reasonable explanation for her injury.

Rothgangel v. Belleville Memorial Hospital

Our client was dropped by a physical therapist during a chair to bed transfer resulting in a severe knee injury. Confidential settlement with the hospital employing the physical therapist.

Page v. IRC d/b/a Diamond Cabaret

Two Hundred Seventy-Five Thousand Dollar ($275,000.00) settlement on behalf of a woman who fractured her hip when she was knocked to the ground by a doorman attempting to control an unruly customer outside of a nightclub. The club’s lawyers tried to blame our client for standing in a prohibited area. We overcame this argument and made a successful recovery.

Novitskie v. Chanasue, et al.

Medical malpractice suit for the wrongful death of an eighty (80) year old man when his dermatologist failed to properly treat skin cancer resulting in a recurrent metastic lesion.

Deutchmann v. Easton Technical Products, et al.

Recovery for a defectively manufactured carbon arrow which exploded at release resulting in nerve damage to our client’s hand. Confidential settlement with manufacturer.

Weathers v. Gold Tip

Recovery for a defectively manufactured carbon arrow which exploded at release resulting in nerve damage to our client’s hand. Confidential settlement with manufacturer.

Fosha v. Illinois Power Company

Combined settlement exceeding One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) on behalf of a construction foreman killed by a collapsing construction wall. Several parties were sued and we established that the contractors and engineers failed to anticipate and plan for the unstable rock formations that made up the excavation. Unfortunately, this failure to plan resulted in the death of our client.

Landacre v. Les Enterprise, Inc. et al.

Recovery against a French Canadian truck driver who stopped her tractor-trailer on the highway causing our client to rear-end her trailer. The Canadian trucking company attempted to blame our motorist for not keeping proper look-out but paid $480,000.00 to settle the claim. This case required us to retain the services of a French speaking interpreter to question the tractor trailer driver. The defendant claimed she could not read, write or understand English well enough to answer our questions under oath. Federal regulations require tractor trailer drivers to understand English traffic signs.

Heintzelman v. Confidential

Missouri Highway worker’s truck rear-ended by inattentive commercial truck driver hauling hazardous materials. Our client had prior back problems, but this accident caused him to have surgery. We recovered One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) on his behalf.

Blumenberg, et al. v. White Hall Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, LLC

Very elderly man confined to a nursing home developed an open wound on his leg and eventually died when it became infected. Our team successfully sued the nursing home and its parent company and established they failed to properly monitor his cast and failed to promptly seek treatment for his wound.

Brandt v. Capital Region Medical Center

Medical malpractice case where a surgeon failed to remove dead bowel tissue during hernia repair. The bowel ruptured and the client became septic and subsequently died. We successfully sued the surgeon and the hospital and received a satisfactory settlement for the family.

Whitehead, et al. v. Purnima, LLC et al.

Four Hundred Thirty-Seven Thousand Dollar ($437,000.00) settlement on behalf of a thirty-one year old woman who purchased legal synthetic bath salts, ingested them and later died. We maintained the synthetic drug, although legal, was too dangerous to be sold to the public. These synthetic drugs are now illegal.

Politte v. Eckhouse

One Million Dollar ($1,000,000.00) verdict for a family of a woman who died in a house fire. We established at trial that batteries to the smoke detectors had been removed preventing all warning of the fire and preventing her escape.

Brooks v. Pittman and Curry Ice and Coal

One Million Dollars ($1,000,000.00) settlement on behalf of plaintiff who was seriously injured when defendant’s coal truck overturned on Interstate 55 and blocked the highway. Plaintiff was unable to see the coal truck had overturned because of the coal dust cloud and he collided with it causing a severe back injury.

Frasier v. Gnojewski

Four Million Dollar ($4,000,000.00) verdict in a one-car accident for the family of the deceased, single father leaving behind three young children.

Carrington, et al. v. Confidential

Two Million Two Hundred Thousand Dollar ($2,200,000.00) settlement on behalf of a thirty-one year old woman who was fatally injured as a result of a collision between her S.U.V. and a fully-loaded tractor trailer. This was an unwitnessed intersectional collision when the owner of the tractor trailer claimed our deceased client was at fault. Through extensive litigation we proved the truck driver was speeding and ran the red light.