Defective Products

Every year, workers, homeowners and others suffer serious personal injuries using tools and other products that fail to act as expected. Poorly formulated metal can fail. Bad circuits can lead to fire hazards, burn injuries or electrocution. Industrial face masks and tools may not provide proper safety features. A design defect may cause an outdoor grill or hunting rifle to explode. If you have been seriously injured using a power tool, a household product, or another consumer good, we want to help.

Recent case results

Clark v. ITW Food Equipment Group, LLC, et al.

With our help, the client established his employer’s meat grinding machine was defective because it was operational with the safety guard removed. He suffered a partial finger amputation. Confidential settlement with manufactu... read more

Putnam v. York International, et al.

Confidential settlement with a furnace manufacturer and propane gas distributor for the defective and improperly maintained propane furnace resulting in carbon monoxide poisoning. A father and child died. His wife and one child survi... read more

Deutchmann v. Easton Technical Products, et al.

Recovery for a defectively manufactured carbon arrow which exploded at release resulting in nerve damage to our client’s hand. Confidential settlement with manufactu... read more