Motor Vehicle Accidents

We take your automobile accident case seriously. Most automobile cases settle before trial. The difference is we get our client ready for trial. Other law firms do not. Since the insurance company knows we will take our case to trial, it results in a larger settlement for our clients.

More than Meets the Eye

There’s more than meets the eye to assembling a successful case for trial. After more than 25 years of litigating personal injury cases, attorney Lanny Darr has the resources and connections to assemble a winning strategy and the skill to present complex evidence in terms that resonate with judges and juries alike.

Recent case results

Buder v. Consumer Insurance USA

Plaintiff awarded $575,000.00 at arbitration for injuries he sustained in a motor vehicle accident. The at-fault driver had inadequate insurance so our client had to file a claim against his own insurance company. His insurance company paid the award, but claims remain pending for “bad faith” ha... read more

Schupmann v. State Farm

The Arbitration Panel awarded One Hundred Sixty-Five Thousand Dollar ($165,000.00) due to a back injury suffered in South Carolina. Our client was insured by State Farm Insurance and was rear-ended by an uninsured motorist. State Farm refused to pay its insured anything beyond a few small medical bi... read more

Gnojewski v. American Standard Insurance Co.

One Million Eight Hundred Thousand Dollar ($1,800,000.00) settlement of a bad faith claim against an insurance company’s improper handling of the defense of a motorist driver who was sued by us after an automobile accid... read more